Single Ply



Single-Ply is a term used to describe a roofing material that is manufactured in large sheets.

The sizes range from 10 to 40 feet wide and up to 200 feet long. The two main types are EPDM, commonly referred to as rubber and usually black, and PVC mainly a plastic and usually white. A third type, called TPO, which is a hybrid of the two other types and also white. There are three methods of attachment for all three membranes. Ballasted, where the membrane is laid loosely on top of the insulation then 3⁄4”-1 1⁄2” size rock covers the entire roof surface.

Fully adhered, the membrane is glued to the substrate. Mechanically attached, the membrane is secured with screw and plates to the substrate, usually 8-10 feet on center. Single Ply systems require periodic maintenance to maximize their service life.