About Us

Since 1951 Royal Roofing Company Incorporated has installed thousands of roofs, both big and small, for some of the largest companies in the world.  Over the last 50 years the commercial roofing industry has seen significant change, and Royal has lived through it all.  Having stood the test of time, Royal Roofing has continued to grow and flourish because of our willingness to change and learn from our experiences; while adhering to certain core values. 

Core Values

Of those Core Values, commitment to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship are at the forefront.  This message was established when Royal first opened its doors in 1951, and continues today through all 200-plus employees; on every job with every customer.  What that means is roof system design & installation are only the beginning of our commitment to quality and satisfaction.  Aside from our standard two-year Royal Warranty that encompasses materials and workmanship on every new roof we install; Royal is certified / authorized to repair every roof system we offer by that manufacturer.  Therefore, if unforeseen water intrusion occurs our customers can be assured their roof is repaired correctly by a trained technician who knows their roof; and because Royal offers 24-hour emergency service, they can be assured it’s done promptly. 

Finally, to assist our customers and ensure they get the proper service-life out of their investment Royal Roofing offers RoofGard.  A professionally managed proactive – preventative maintenance program that guards against leaks and increases the life expectancy of a roof; peace of mind, our customers do not have to worry about their roof, at installation or down the road. 

Roof system design, installation, emergency service, and preventative maintenance are all functions of Royal Roofing Company; designed to provide our customers with world-class quality and satisfaction throughout the life of their roof. 

Longevity...50+ years

One of Royal Roofing’s greatest strengths is our longevity.  50 plus years in the commercial roofing business has provided us with experience and expertise in a wide range of roofing systems, and is why so many clients have trusted us to be their single source roofing contractor for all their roofing needs.  Furthermore, our experience an involvement in the industry has helped build and maintain partnerships with numerous industry-leading manufactures; so you can trust the advice we give and the work we do!  More than just an installer of roofing systems, Royal Roofing’s clients view us as a knowledgeable and expert resource. Our clients regularly engage us early in the planning and design stage recognizing our unique ability to identify the right roof for their specific building and budget.          

Servicing The Midwest and Beyond

Royal Roofing Company, Michigan’s largest commercial roofing contractor, and one of the largest commercial roofing contractors in the Midwest, is also available in the south and south-eastern United States markets. 

Longevity, commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, along with successes in Michigan and throughout the Midwest has made these growth opportunities possible.  Headquartered in Orion, Michigan Royal Roofing Company is also available through the Charlotte, North Carolina office.  Division partners include DAVCO Roofing and Sheet Metal and Royal Roofing South.  As divisions of Royal Roofing Company, Inc., DAVCO is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and Royal Roofing South in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.