Company History

In 1951 Harry Klos and Ray Zawinski purchased a small roofing company in Detroit, MI.  In the next thirty-two years Royal Roofing became one of the most respected union roofing companies in Southeast Michigan.  Never one of the largest companies, it still became the place were many roofers, sheet metal men and estimators learned their trade and went out to form their own companies. 

One of those men was Bill Davis, who in 1968 formed AMRCO Roofing Co.  His oldest son Dan learned the business from the ground up.  After a number of years in the field, he had the same desire as his dad.  As fortune would have it in 1982 Royal Roofing was up for sale.  At the time of the purchase Royal Roofing was doing less then one million dollars in revenue. 

With hard work and valuable employees Dan grew the company to twenty-five million dollars by 2003.  With increased demand from General Contractors and the automotive industry, Dan realized the need for a major expansion.  In 2004 Dan purchased C. Davis Roofing Co. C. Davis was a seventeen million dollar company with a trained workforce of seventy roofers and sheet metal men as well as quality supervision and estimators.  The merger of these two companies pushed Royal's sales to a record thirty-two million dollars in 2004.  As the new century begins Royal Roofing is positioned to accept any challenge the ever-changing business environment might have in store.