Green Roofs

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A “Green Roof” is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil, or a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. Some systems will also have drainage and irrigation systems. “Green” roof technologies not only provide owners of buildings with a proven return on investment, but also represent opportunities for significant social, economic and environmental benefits, particularly in cities. Some of the economic benefits are: Protection of roof membrane, resulting in a longer material lifespan (it is estimated that green roofs will last up to twice as long as conventional roofs), resulting in decreased maintenance and savings in replacement costs.

Savings on heating and cooling costs: depending on the size of the building, climate and type of green roof. For example a typical one story building with a grass roof and 3.9 inches of growing medium would result in 25% reduction in summer cooling needs. Some of the environmental benefits are: Air quality improvement: pollutants are absorbed though photosynthesis and airborne particles are trapped in the leaves. Reduction of storm water run off: a basic 2.5” extensive green roof retains about 0.5 gallon per square foot, or 40% of the rainwater that falls. These and many other benefits come with a “Green Roof” system. Let Royal Roofing help design and install your “GREEN” system.

Manufactures: ELT Easy Green, GAF, Xero Flor