Custom Sheet Metal

Metal roofs, wall panels, soffits, custom copings, gutters, downspouts and custom architectural metal fabrication are all a part of Royal Roofing’s extensive sheet metal department. Metal roofs are a popular choice when it comes to sloped roofing, aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient, and are often installed on commercial building projects. Architectural metal wall panels whether insulated, decorative, or used as siding, soffits and fascias, or screen wall cladding are all installed with the expertise that Royal Roofing is known for.

Our custom fabrication shop is where top-of the line materials, state of the art equipment and our highly trained technicians come together. Custom metal is cut, bent to shape and shipped from our shop to many of our job sites. These fabrications include accessory trim metals, gutters and downspouts. All details must be exact to ensure a correct fit that is both watertight and visually pleasing. Royal Roofing can install double or single- lock panels, snap-lock panels and batten-on panels and with our portable roll-form machine almost any panel length can be achieved. Many different finishes and types of metals are readily available. Working with architects, builders, private owners and developers Royal Roofing is capable of just about any sheet metal project.

Sheet Metal By type:

""   Standing Seam
The standing seam metal roof is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in roofing technology in the...

""   Siding / Screenwalls / Soffits
Metal Soffit / Wall Panels are available in many different styles. Depending on the manufacturer...

""   Gutters / Downspouts / Scuppers
Directing water on roof tops is another important aspect of roofing. Gutters, scuppers and ...

""   Custom Coping
The top of a parapet wall on a roof often requires a coping cap or gravel stop to ensure against...

""   Custom Architecture
Architectural Metal elements can make an otherwise ordinary building distinguished...