Siding / Screenwalls / Soffits

Metal Wall Panels are available in many different styles, colors and finishes. Depending on the manufacturer, metal panels can be used to clad vertical walls, mansards, screen-walls, and soffits.

Some commercial projects also call for these products to be used as siding (or cladding) for the entire structure. In doing so, siding and steep sloped applications can be designed with either concealed or exposed fasteners. Metals Panels are also a popular choice for soffits; most commonly found under the eave applications or under entrance canopies. Depending on the manufacturer, it can be steel or aluminum, vented or non-vented. Finally, rooftop screen walls are another application that are often clad in metal panels for an appealing way to hide rooftop HVAC units.

Whatever the use may be Royal Roofing Company can provide assistance with design along with expert installation.