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Roof Preventative Maintenance Service

""   Objectives:
  roofgard Increase The Life Expectancy of your Roof
  roofgard Avoid the High Cost of Roof Replacement
  roofgard Guard & Protect Your Business From Costly Damage

Regular preventative maintenance not only helps prolong the life of a roof but is a mandatory step when adhering to a manufacturer's warranty, but most importantly protecting your building assets. RoofGard is a professionally managed proactive roof preventative maintenance program designed to identify problems before they become expensive repairs and maximize the life expectancy of your roof. Moreover, a leak deterrent measure that protects the interior components of a facility and ensures that productivity is not interrupted. You've heard the old saying, "out of sight, out of mind." Unfortunately, many property owners think of their roofing systems the same way. They may paint their houses, change the oil in their cars, and fertilize their lawns, yet they ignore their roofing system, even though it's a far more valuable asset. Left unattended, any roof will show signs of premature failure. Ignoring roof maintenance now can lead to water intrusion and high repair costs, along with the financial burden of damaged carpeting, ceilings, paint, and office equipment later.


The RoofGard Program Includes:

roofgard Initial Inspection / Analysis by a trained roof technician
roofgard Onsite visit of property to visually review the roof system and related components.
roofgard Identifying Cause & Effect: Comprehensive report of all deficiencies found throughout roof area and what appears to be the cause.
roofgard Initial Repair
roofgard If required, based on initial inspection, repairs are completed to restore roof to serviceable condition.
roofgardBi-Annual Service Visits
roofgard Visual Inspection
roofgard Repair Minor Deficiencies (Minor Cuts & Punctures, Clean Drains, and Remove debris)
roofgard Inspection Report Update
roofgardThree – Five Year Budget
roofgardRoyal Roof Extended Warranty
roofgardPriority Service Response
roofgardRoofGard On-Line Access to all facility roof information and service history.


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