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At Royal Roofing we’re prepared to roof any size building you’ve designed, with virtually any type of roof. You know us for the 100,000+ square foot jobs, think of us for the smaller, challenging ones as well.

No matter the job, with Royal you’re getting a roofing company with experience, that stands behind its work. At Royal Roofing we cover you as well as your building. No matter the size.

Case Studies:

""   Case Study 1: The Henry Ford
The Construction Management of the Henry Ford historical complex asked a number of companies for roofing bids on the variety of buildings they had planned for the “new” Greenfield Village. Some companies bid on two roofs or three. Some even bid on five or six. That wasn’t surprising, considering the wide variety of roofing types: from wood shake to asphalt BUR. Royal Roofing was the only company that submitted a bid for all 13 buildings.

""   Case Study 2: Shenandoah Cty.Club
The hips and valleys of the sloped slate roof almost ring the entire building perimeter and camouflage a flat roof in the center. Copper trim work and standing seam copper roofs on the entries and outlaying buildings complete the triad. Royal Roofing’s ability to tackle difficult jobs and install a diversity of roofing systems was key in obtaining the contract.

""   Case Study 3: Motor City Casino
Considerable renovation and expansion was required in order for the casino to realize its potential.  From 2006, when the first roof improvements were made, until the summer of 2008, when all new buildings were complete, Royal Roofing Company was there installing the roof.        


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