CS2: Shenandoah Country Club

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A Hole-in-One for Royal Roofing at Shenandoah Country Club

Orion-based Royal Roofing installed all three roofing systems cladding the beautifully crafted 93,000 square-foot Shenandoah Country Club and Chaldean Community Cultural Center in West Bloomfield. The hips and valleys of the sloped slate roof almost ring the entire building perimeter and camouflage a flat roof in the center. Copper trim work and standing seam copper roofs on the entries and outlaying buildings complete the triad. Royal Roofing’s ability to tackle difficult jobs and install a diversity of roofing systems was key in obtaining the contract. “The general contractor, Jonna Construction Co., LLC, and the owner (the Chaldean Iraqi-American Association of Michigan) wanted to be able to single source the roof,” said Michael Tacoma, Royal’s project manager. “We were the only company that bid all three scopes.”

The slate follows the irregular stepped line of the building, its tiles reflecting the dull shine of the late winter sun. What doesn’t greet the eye is a vast array of mechanical equipment, all tightly clustered on two low roofs and hidden by the well-crafted slate. The low roofs flank a flat, central high roof that shelters the building’s banquet hall and rises seven feet above the lower roof areas. The architect (Victor Saroki & Associates Architects, PC) didn’t want any vibrating machinery on the central portion of the roof that would cause any noise during a function in the hall.”

Royal Roofing added its own magic touch to the building exterior placing 4-by-4 pieces of tapered insulation across the 35,000 square-foot expanse of the flat roof and laying the pieces together like a puzzle to create a slight slope for water drainage.

-Excerpts and photography from Mary E. Kremposky’s May 2005 feature article in CAM Magazine