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Greenfield Village 2003 Roofing Project

The Construction Management of the Henry Ford historical complex asked a number of companies for roofing bids on the variety of buildings they had planned for the “new” Greenfield Village.

Some companies bid on two roofs or three. Some even bid on five or six. That wasn’t surprising, considering the wide variety of roofing types: from wood shake to asphalt BUR.

Royal Roofing was the only company that submitted a bid for all 13 buildings.

The Construction Management Company found that Royal Roofing could not only provide all those roofing styles, but they could save time and money by having one source for the entire job.

All told, the 13 buildings represented roofs in sizes from 400 to 14,000 square feet and nine different types of roofing.

One of those buildings was this Guard House. The wood shake roof with ornamental copper and tight radiuses make the job particularly challenging.

On the Model T Building, we used a brand new peel and stick modified asphalt system to create the look of an old shed roof.

The roof repairs on the Soybean Laboratory called for a new, non-functional smoke stack to make it look like the original. We designed the stack, had it custom made and installed it. We also designed a method of supporting the 12’ stack without guide wires: wood and steel framing in the building’s attic. All told, the 13 different buildings we completed had nine different types of roofs:

  • Wood shakes
  • Coal tar pitch (BUR)
  • Shingles
  • Single-ply membrane
  • Asphalt BUR
  • Batton seam metal roofing
  • Modified asphalt roofing
  • Slate
  • Custom-designed metal

The point is, we still do the big jobs, but we can install any kind of roof your design calls for. Whenever you’re contemplating a roof of virtually any size or design, remember Royal Roofing!