Two of the most common types of shingles are asphalt and wood.Asphalt shingles come in a variety of styles, colors, durability’s and manufacturers. They will be either organic or non-organic (which is fiberglass), dimensional or three-tab and anywhere from a 20 year to a lifetime manufactures warranty. Wood shingles come in several different sizes, with varying exposures and are generally either shingles or shakes. These are most commonly made of Western Red Cedar.

The shakes are thicker and rougher, being split rather than sawn from the log. The shingles are a much more consistent size and shape. If you are tearing off and replacing, installing new deck or building new we can help. Here at Royal Roofing we pride ourselves on our job site cleanliness, efficiency of installation and the aesthetics of the final product. Let us help you select the best product for your roof and provide you with Royal’s expert installation.